What are my options? (USB modem)

Hi. I've just upgraded to broadband but made a mistake in the type of ADSL modem I've purchased.

The modem is a Speedtouch 330 USB. This is a problem because I have three computers in my house and want to connect them all. Having a USB interface restricts this.

Currently, I have an ethernet hub, and was hoping to use it to link the ADSL modem to it and have all three PCs attached to it. Obviously I cannot to this now.

My question is, what is the cheapest way to rectify this problem? Do I have to buy a new ethernet ADSL modem? Is there someway I can convert the USB input into ethernet and then plug this into the hub?

Maybe another way of phrasing the question is what is the most efficient way of setting up a home network using an USB modem to access the internet?

Thanks for your time. Any help appreciated.
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  1. Your best bet would be to get a modem with the normal ethernet hookup. You could run ICS off the main computer but the speeds would be slow when all computers are accessing the internet.
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