Pentium D 805 Family new build ?

I am looking at a new build for a family computer.I was thinking about a pentium d 805 as the cpu. I want to overclock it to about 3.5 ghz and am wondering which RAM and mobo would be best to acheve this. One gig of ram is plenty. For the motherboard i would like 1 pci-e 16x slot so i can put a 7600gt in it and the ability to put a core 2 duo in it in a year or two. If you could keep the mobo and ram cost under 200 that would be great. I would like to order everything from one site Ive read all the old articles about overclocking the 805 and they all say to use the P5WD2 but i cant find any of those on newegg.
The computer is mostly used for recoding and burning dvd's, web browsing dl'ing music playing games @ 1024 res. with no extras enabled, in that order.
Right now we have a Dell dimension 5550 with a P4 @ 2.53 ghz, 1 gig of ram and an all in wonder 9000. Basically it sucks big time it takes over 2.5 hours to recode and burn a dvd and about 3-4 minutes jsut to boot up. Its from 2000 so its time for a new pc.
Thank you for your help in advance.
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  1. ok man everything you want is good. but the pentium d. dont get the 805.. just get the core 2 duo e4300 if you want performance. offerclock the 4300. forget about a d805. then pentium d's are basically pentium 4s anyways. they are just "2 pentium 4's glued together"
  2. man i know if this was for me i would get the core 2 duos but this is my dad and hes cheap lol so i think the 805 is the most im going to get out of him :-P
  3. Problem is, while the 805 is cheap, the PSU, motherboard and RAM MUST be expensive if you want a decent overclock out of it. You're way better off with a E4300.
  4. I believe you mean you have a Dimension 4550.

    At the topic at hand, I recommend against the Pentium D right now. If you can, you should wait until the Pentium E2xxx series debuts in a couple months, and you should be able to purchase one of these chips around $100. They will consume 65 watt and give similar performance, at stock 1.8GHz, to that Pentium D 805 at 3.5GHz.

    I have a D 805, and while it works great for my needs, even I wouldn't buy one right now, in light of what you can buy in a couple months.
  5. As knowsitall said you don,t want a 805 it;s cheap but that's it, the C2D 4300 would last you alot longer and perform alot better. somehow you must convince your father to spend a little more now and save money in the long run since the C2D setup would last you alot longer compaired to the 805. Here are some liks you could show to your dad to convince him.
  6. Thank you all i didnt realize that the e4300 was that good even at stock speeds. Saved me from making a big mistake
  7. No, it's understandable, the 805 does SEEM like a great deal, but Ghz alone don't matter anymore. For MB I would recommend an ASUS P5B series or the Gigabyte S3, each of which is around 100 bucks. For RAM I'd suggest A-DATA or Super Talent, both are cheap but use top quality modules. You can overclock your 4300 slightly on the stock HSF if you want, temps won't get crazy on you, it's a fairly cool chip.
  8. Put it this way - the only reason I'm bothering with an 805 instead of an E4300 is because I got the 805 for free.

    Otherwise I'd've bought the E6600 anyways.
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