Help please Switch from Comcast to Time Warner = problems

Comcast has been my internet provider for about 2 years. As of 10/30/06, Time Warner replaced Comcast as the cable/internet provider in my area. As a result of this switch, my download speed has gone from 6mb to 1mb. Upload has stayed the same around 360k. I have contacted Time Warner and spoken with several tech's that say nothing is wrong with the network, and that something must be wrong with my computer. I have a firewall and have scanned several times for viruses and spyware to no avail. I was unable to locate any similar topics in this forum relating to the issue I'm having. I have made no changes to the hardware/software on my computer. I find it strange that as soon as this switch is made, my connection goes to crap. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on, if those wonderful intelligent people at Time Warner are actually correct? Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. Please tell us more about your setup.
    You can try a different network card, a different cable modem, bypassing the router if you have one, changing ethernet cables.
    Try hooking up outside the house if you can to see if you get the proper speed.
  2. I dumped Time Warner for Verizon FIOS service, a lot faster up link and download speeds. Even though they advertise a higher download speed than Verizon.

    Are you using a router or direct connect to the modem?

    Need to know your hardware setup.
  3. I checked with Verizon, unfortunately they don't service my area yet. I would much rather go with fios if it were availalbe. I don't have any router, I have switched out 2 different network cards, and serveral cables (ethernet & coax), nothing has helped
  4. A couple things to check. Are you use FF or IE. When I started my testing I found IE worked better with some sites used for testing. Have no idea why, but it did. I think its is a JAVA script problem. With all of the security problem it generates. With FF I was getting 900k Uplink, IE 1.8mbps. Have not rerun test since the newer version are out.

    I don't know why a lot of the test showed slower speeds, yet most all of the sites I go to indicates I was doing the high speeds. The only true test is ftp file transfer. The short 10 sec test do not give accurate readings. MS has good high speed servers. Download one of there mega files and check you speed. Uploading is a little more difficult. Find a neighbor or friend with a ftp server.

    Also do trace cmds to see how many hops.

    Clear out all temp files, internet, window, clear them all.

    You may try reseting your TCP stack. MS has a article on how to do this.
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