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about two weeks ago, I bought an athlon 64 3200 with a 512 kingston 533
mhz, and an msi Board k9vgm as part of an upgrade I assembled everything but I took about 6 tries to start up. I tried erasing bios by using cmos jumper and it worked better. Everything seemed to work fine but when browsing the hard disk, the computer suddenly slowed down and even stalled for a minute or so. I installed the hard disk on another similar computer but with another kind of board, and the browsing was as fast as expected. I'm thinking about sending the parts to the seller but I don't know what reasons to give.

I'm stuck with this computer.

got any clues?
It's just working like a normal athlon and not like a 64 should

txs in advance
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  1. Try restarting, reinstalling Windows, etc. If you can;t check your hardware personally, just take the non-working system where you got it and show it to the seller :wink:
  2. hi

    I reinstalled windows three times. Without applications installed the behaviour remained the same.

    Can u recommend me a good diagnostic software to help me find the possible cause for this issue?

  3. I'd try another SATA connector on your board, maybe the current is gone. Also notice that some motherboards (usually budget or old ones) do not support SATA2 but only SATA mode for the HD. In this case, you have to set the HDD to SATA mode by adding a pin in the appropriate position (shown by the instructions on the hard drive).
  4. hi

    the hdd is a 120 gb ide.

    I tried this disk on another computer that only varies on mother board, but is has a master sata 250 gb.

    the behaviour of the disk was good. Nice browsing, that's why I suspect that the problem relies on the other parts, but that's just an assupmtion

  5. Have you attached the IDE cable on the other channel?! There's so many things you have to check, just try everything you can think about
  6. Check for a bios update.
  7. txs
    I just updated bios, and I also tried switching controllers with dvd.

    It's behaving better but there are some programs that stall pc yet
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