P5W DH IDE/SATA config question.

I've recently upgraded a system that was used for video production- all IDE drives.

My question is concerning SATA configuration- I would like to boot from a single SATA drive, keep my IDE drives, and add a SATA RAID.

There seems to be 3 different SATA controllers on the MB, but the manual is rather vague. I think only one of them can run JBOD?

Can I choose which HD to boot from?

Does anyone has any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for your time.
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  1. I would suggest:

    IDE HDDs on JMicron [PRI_EIDE] controller at the bottom edge of the board.

    Single SATA (bootable) on Intel ICH7R Sata1 [red]

    Dual (Raid) SATA drives on ASUS EZ-Backup EZ_Raid1/EZ_Raid2 [orange]

    and, of course:

    IDE ATAPI drives (burners,etc.) on Intel ICH7R IDE connector [PRI_IDE] next to the floppy controller.
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