Calling all NZXT Apollo Owners

Building a new PC and i'm just wondering how the cooling is on this case with a max of 3, 120mm fans.

What i'll be putting in it is:

eVGA 680i
eVGA 8800GTS (SLI eventually)
DVD Burner
Sata drives x2

Just curious to see what people thought about the cooling of this case. I've looked at a ton of other cases, Antec's lineup which doesn't interest me, the Thermaltake Armor which is nice except for the stupid ass flaps on the front, etc.

Other recommendations are always welcome...preferably cases with a front door :)

Also, what color Apollo did you get?
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  1. i just helped my friend build his computer in a apollo...goooodddamn i want that case....

    the air flow roxxxxxx

    we managed to oc his e4300 to 3.1ghz with stock cooling and the temps for only 33c on the damn case for a middie

    we didnt try to go further but i bet we could get past,match,or come close to 4ghz...easily

    he'll reply to this thread when he answers his phone...
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