P5W DH, fan headers, and SpeedFan?

The P5W DH apparently has a half dozen fan headers on board, most of which can control the speed of the attached fan. Can the fan speeds be controlled individually, with SpeedFan? Or is there just one control that adjusts all fans together?


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  1. I'm not sure if this will be enough to determine:

    CPU Fan header uses a 4 pin PWM design.

    PWR/CHA Fans are all 3 pin, with gnd/+12v/rotation pins. :?

    In the BIOS, there are Q-Fan control settings for each header type:

    Not sure if this is what you needed. :oops:
  2. Thanks. That's very suggestive that there are three speed controls, which will be fine for me. I'll be ordering the P5W today or tomorrow, and will know for sure after I assemble the system.

  3. I have a P5W DH with Speed Fan installed

    The mobo has 5 fan connectors

    PWR 1
    PWR 2
    CHA 1
    CHA 2 no control feature

    You can control the speed of all of these with the bios Except for the CHA 2 Fan

    Yes, Speed Fan shows all four of my installed fans and their speed.
  4. Quote:
    CHA 2 no control feature

    Ahhh yes, I stand corrected.
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