anybody know anything about linkworld cases and psu?

hey guys i wanna use this case cause well it looks pretty awesome. its a budget build for my sister and aesthetics mean a lot. anyway i wanted to use this case but i am not sure about the power supply. its gonna be a very low power system with a 65watt x2 3800, a gig of ddr2 533 ram, one hard drive and dvd burner and a 7600gt. i was wondering if the included psu is trustworthy at all? i wont be running it at full load if ever.

Linkworld 313-10-1.C2252 Red Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 450W Power Supply - Retail

p.s. im using the 7600gt becuz i got it from a friend for real cheap. dont know how relevant that is.
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  1. Was hoping you would recommend a FSP.

    Don't think there are any better ones available for low budget, low power requirement systems.

    Tagan has a few, but are more expensive.
  2. Agreed, I have built many college user desktops in Cooler Master Centurion 5 cases with inexpensive FSP PSUs.
  3. yeah ill go with the cooler master centurion 5 (bluish one) and that fsp 400 watt. thanks guys ill post back with the final build.
  4. Cool, doesn't get any better (IMO) for the price.
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