Windows 7 7100RC

Thoughts; Im'm enjoying it.
Lots of new/ added features and functionality over Vista.
As well as performance that is on par with XP, and better for boot/ desktop performance.
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  1. It's been the fastest Windows 7 build I've ever ran, Microsoft has done a good job
  2. I'm running 7057, the boot times for me are a little (not much) worse than XP/ (E6600, 2Gb Ram, 7950GT, 2 Spinpoint 250 in riad 0)

    Is there a big difference with the RC?
  3. seriously!!? you should defenitely go up to the RC YOU WILL see a difference in performance, (also boot times can depend on other onboard features starting up such as raid, which i see you have)
  4. Hi,

    I'm currently in the middle of building a new computer, and was thinking would it be a good idea to install the new Windows 7 RC on my new setup?

    I've previously had Windows XP Pro, which has been awesome for these past few years, no problems what-so-ever, but as you know, need to keep up with the times.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

  5. Do it - you will be impressed. I recently rebuilt my home gaming system and went directly with Win 7 7077 and will go to the RC this weekend. I have had 3 blue screens - all of them caused by me mucking around with drivers. You may have to do some searching for drivers - you can typically default to the Vista drivers if need be. I am hoping they added more native drivers to the RC. nVidia just released new Win7 drivers yesterday.
  6. Be advised - Though the Release Candidate has been leaked to torrents, the 'Official' bits will be available to the general public starting Tuesday. Expiration date for the RC is June of 2010.

    If you have a Technet or MSDN subscription, you may download the release candidate directly from Microsoft now, as these went up yesterday.
  7. Thanks for the replies, yea, I've heard the torrents are littered with dodgy stuff, so was waiting until the official public release later this week!
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