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Install XP with no other OS?

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September 1, 2001 12:45:59 PM

I now have XP Pro RC2 on CD & am having problems installing as a fresh install. I boot from a win98 boot floppy & change to my cdrom directory. Running winnt.exe from the i386 folder doesn't work (some kind of DOS error) like it does for Win2K or WinNT4.
Also, the CD won't boot if I change the boot sequence to cdrom first either. I have no problems installing it from WIN2K Pro, but would prefer to do a clean install.
Any ideas anyone?



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September 1, 2001 9:27:03 PM

What do you have on PC (partitions, OS, where, what mobo, where is your CD ROM connected, HD, etc.), what do you want to do with it, and what is yer problem? Can you be more specific?

Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
September 1, 2001 9:52:32 PM

I prepped a 2 GB partition. I tried both a formatted (from floppy) and an unformatted (to let CD do it) install. No luck. The erro is "Can't find DOS" or something. I can't be more specific because I'd have to reformat all over again to see the same error (I have put 2K on now).



If you loan a friend $20 & never see them again, it was worth it.
September 2, 2001 3:40:22 AM

If you have 2 gig separate partition for it, you can clean install from within win2k. Or I did not understand you, you said you have 2k installed, and now you are saying that you have to install it. Why would you do that? If you have win98 CD, install that one then, it takes only 15-20 minutes to complete, and then just put yer XP CD in and install from there. Just say that you want a clean install when it will ask you for the upgrade (same with 2k, select "New Installation" or whatever that thing says)
What mobo you have, there are some tricks to do to make CD to boot if it does not (I know for sure XP has to boot, so there is something wrong with the hardware setup)

Hope that helps.

Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink: