New Build: system wont start! power supply problem?

Ok here's what i have - Core 2 duo e4300, gigabyte (GA-965P-s3), HIS radeon x1950, Hiper type r series 480 psu, some ram, seagate (SATA hd).

Symptoms: initially the computer started a bit then restarted and began beeping (short beeps continuous). The cpu fan tried to move but failed (nothign was blocking it). So i removed everything but the essentials (ram cpu) and tried starting again - same problem.

After reading a bit i realized the graphics card requires 30A on a 12 v rail which the psu definitely cant provide?. However i tried starting without the graphics card plugged in at all and it still did not work.

Finally, i happened to try unplugging the 12V supply for the cpu and all the fans start up fine, hd spins, graphics card fan on. So am i looking at an inadequate psu or a dead processor?

Thanks in advance!

Oh i checked to make sure the psu is not on european settings.
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    I would deffinetly recomend a better PSU. Really all you system needs is about 26 to 28 amps from the combined +12v rails. But first double check all your connections. If you have any USB front panel connectors plugged into the motherboard then un plug them. If the wireing of the connectors dosn't match the motherboard then this will cause the system to power on for a split second and shut off again. You should at least be able to get the system started even with that PSU.

    Good advise , check the connections and the ram as well to make sure that its all alright
  2. The only front panel connectors i have in are the power switch and sound (to hear the beeps) when i take out the ram and leave the 12V connector in i get continuous short rapid beeps (which indicates power problems supposedly). Odd. Again when i take out the 12V processor power here it starts (all fans hd etc) but no beeps at all probably because the processor has no power? i'm on my way to best buy now to try a different power supply and see if that fixes the problem. Thanks for the help so far.

    I have one other question: what's the deal with the optional 24 pin power connector to the motherboard. Should i have the additional 4 pins plugged in and if so does the 12V processor 4 pin power need to be plugged in?
  3. ahh im an idiot. plugged the ram into the wrong 2 slots. 12 instead of 1 and 3 for dual channel. system seems fine now other than an unusual sounding beep at startup. sounds different than with the last sytem i had in that case
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