Failure to boot from hard drive

I'll try to summarize the events leading up to my problem as best I can.

I have two hard drives. I tried installing Windows Vista Business on the first one to use in a dual-boot configuration with Windows XP which was on the second hard drive. Well, the Vista installation worked fine, but when I went to boot into XP, I found Vista's boot loader hadn't recognized Windows XP. Clearly frustrated, I tried several different things until I finally decided to format the first hard drive. It was horrible I lost my entire data from the Hard drive. Vista made my data vanish. I hate it. I tried using repair tool and many recovery software, but it did not work. Please help me out.
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  1. You can't repair anything if you already formated....
    Well, CIA maybe could.
  2. It's not clear, did you format the Vista drive or the XP drive? It sounds like you formated the Vista drive.
  3. From within Vista did you see the second HDD?

    In the BIOS can you switch the HDD order to boot from (or physically from inside your computer with cables... since the VISTA HDD is dead, unplug it and boot into the other one)
  4. I know Vista doesn’t install itself easily. Something must have happened, that’s for sure. What software you have used to recover your data? One of the data recovery software I know is Salvage Data recovery Software for windows. My friend used the software and got his data back. Few days back I tried to recover the data of my office system, which I lost accidentally while formatting and it worked well. Try with their software. I think their site name is salvage data.
    All the best.
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