Is there a diffirence between 7900gx2 and 7950gx2?


I know that the 7900GX2 was made for quad SLI, and then updated for consumers and renamed 7950GX2.

But is there any performance difference between them? and if there is, why, considering that they have the same clockspeed?, does the 7900gx2 run hotter than the 7950GX2 due to the fan layout?

also, how come in some games both cores work, and in others only one does? i know about SLI optimization, but can't just nvidia release drivers that address the games that don't support it?

Please enlighten me.
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  1. The performance is exactly the same. The 7900GX2 is about 3 inches longer than the 7950GX2 but thats about the only difference. I dont think temps will vary much between the two either.

    Architectually, the link between the 2 cards on the 7900GX2 runs at 16X while on the 7950GX2 its 8X. So in theory the 7900GX2 would be a little faster if you run it in a PCI express slot at full 16X. In the real world though the extra bandwidth makes no difference and they run are the same speed.

    As for SLI issues, all games are different and depending on whether there is a working SLI profile existing for the game you play will depend on whether you get full performance.
  2. thanks for ur reply, i was really confused about this one. :)

    So in theory, a 7900gx2 is better suited for quad SLI and XHD gaming than a 7950gx2. where that bandwidth might actually be used?
  3. Nah I doubt it, I think its best to assume they are the same in performance to be honest. Might be wrong tho
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