Hey Guys. I am purchasing this TV tuner card:
Although, it says it can obtain HD television stations. How is this possible? If I plug it into my wall, can it pickup my Comcast HDTV digital cable service? Please advise.
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  1. Don't think so. It'll pickup the analog signals that are in your comcast service, but it cannot decode the QAM signal used to encode the SD and HD cable channels.

    Check; there is an ethernet-based tuner box in the works that can decode the HD QAM signals. Drivers are in beta, and setup is an involved process, but it may get to a point of prime-time readiness soon.

    The only QAM tuner that AMD/ATi offers will be going only to large Mfr's e.g. Dell, HP, etc.

    If you see anything to the contrary, please post as I'm interested in this stuff.
  2. Hi Scott, I see you're in Chesterton. I use the 650 with Vista Ultimate. The only HDTV signals you'll p/u are over the air broadcast like WGN,WLS, WTTW, etc. (PBS is awesome in HDTV). You can simultaneously connect to regular Comcast channels (there are 2 connections), but not high-def. This tuner works well with Windows Media Center.
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