Need your opinion on wireless setup

Hello everyone,
I want to set up a wireless network and before buying any hardware i wanted to ask for your opinion.I want to buy a router and 2 wireless adapters. So far i have thought of 3 possible configurations

1) Linksys WRT300N router + 2 WUSB300N adapters
2) Netgear WNR384M router + 2 WN121T adapters
3) Netgear WPNT384N router + 2 WPNT121 adapters

I want to use the network to transfer files between 2 pcs and share my internet connection. I am not interested in range,however i will transfer large files so i want the fastest possible setup.
The walls of my house are made from bricks,cement and iron so this will affect the wireless performance a lot. However i am only interested in ranges up to 30m.

Which one of the 3 setups would you pick up?

Thanks for your time in advance
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  1. Quote:
    I am not interested in range,however i will transfer large files so i want the fastest possible setup.
    Is wire out of the question?

    Ordinary 100 Mbps will be 4x faster than 11g. Don't believe the "Mbps" specs for wireless; you need to divide by 4 (at least - even more for the proprietary "turbo" schemes; pre-n is just that "premature").

    Gigabit is really what you want for large files (1000 Mbps wired).
  2. Save your money. Do Not Buy any pre 11n or MIMO equipment. They are nothing but problems. If they see any other 11b/g networks they are required to Drop back to 11g speeds, 11n is negated. Test show that the range is not any better than a good 11g. Yes some get better speeds, but your broadband speed is well below 11g. Unless you are moving large files it is not worth all the problems. Wait till the std is ratified. Then buy one that is 11n certified. Most all current hardware will not meet the finalized spec. It's like the 11g all over again. But this time it more complicated. And besides some still have problems with 11g.

    Personally I like and have a my AP seperate of my router. Gives you a lot more flexibility. Performance is better, not sharing hardware (cpu ram). Buy your self a Business class router, 8 port , allow for expansion. Will not have the problems of lockups and hangs like the residential do now. Mainly shows up with BT users.
  3. Fortunately there are no other wireless networks in my neigbourhood :D ( maybe 1 only) so interference will not be an issue? The N standard wont be finalized soon i guess... I cant wait till 2008.
    i had a look at the router charts and the wpnt384 has the fastest wan to lan throuput. Of course it is 94mbit/s which is i a lot lower that the 270 advertised, but it looks nice.
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