adding a hard drive.....

i havent looked up at all on how to do it, like i normally would, but i just wanta some quick advice.

i have a very old windows2k computer and an even older 6GB hard drive that was in a windows 98 computer. theres something on the windows 98 drive that i want so i plugged it into the second IDE connector the ATA cable.

i figured the jumper was set for master, but it doesnt say above any of the pins what setting is for what.

so i moved the jumper one along, because i figured that was the logical progression from master (there are four jumper pairs on the back of the HDD, i dont know if thats normal or not).

in my computer it comes up (after a long wait) with two logical drives, C and D. D is inaccessible, says the drive or folder is not there...i dont know if this D drive is the second HDD or whether it was just there anyway.

i've also tried plugging the drive intot he second IDE port on the mother board and trying it in both places with the jumper i dont know if i'm emant to do anything else...thanks:)
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  1. Go to the site of the manufacturer of the hard disk. Check the FAQ for jumper positions.
    There are several variants. It is very difficult to guess.
  2. While you are on the old HDD's manufacturer's site looking for the Master / Slave setting, get the HDD's charateristics for that particular model. That is, the data about Sectors, No. of Heads, Landing Zone, LBA mode, etc. In fact, sometimes these things are actually in a label on the HDD unit itself. Many newer machines have BIOS's that will try to figure out all these things automatically and use them to access the drive. But if it guesses wrong the drive is not going to be readable; worse yet, it might look readable but you could write something wrong.

    Use your BIOS to manually enter these parameters for that drive, then save the changes. Then boot and see whether you can actually read from it and find everything that should be there.
  3. its probably your fat tables win98 fat16, and xp cant read it, xp only reads fat32 and ntsf?

    btw thats a huge guess lol
  4. its only in 64bit winxp that fat16 isnt supported... otherwise though, fat16, fat32, and ntfs are all supported (under winxp 32bit)
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