How do you set up windows mail on windows 7?

I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and - as advised - installed Windows Live Mail. The latter mail program does not offer a stationery option, automatically inserts a shadow under any inserted photo, often gives me the message (for mail forwarded that contains images "One or more pictures in this message could not be found. Do you still want to send?," frequently stops working for no apparent reason...and, all in all, is a poor substitute for the old Outlook Express or for Window Mail.

I would appreciate having step-by-step instructions for re-installing Windows Mail to work with Windows 7. I'm not worried about the transfer of old messages and contacts which I believe I can still import from Windows Live Mail.

Thank you!
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  1. ive got outlook express on win7,

    i dont use though

    it is packaged with ms office now
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