$900 CDN Tax Return

I have about $900 CDN to spend, and I would love your input on what to upgrade...
My System:

AMD Opteron 170 ~2.15GHz (can't seem to OC it more than 2.2)
4X512 OCZ 3-3-3-7 dual channel DDR
BFG 7900 GT OC @256 DDR3
Audigy 2
Antec True Power II 500 Watt PSU (needs to be replaced)
ViewSonic VX924 19" LCD with 1 dead pixel (argh!)
Logitech Z5300 Speakers (good enough)
Laser Mouse
Regular Logitech KB
DVDRW etc.

100GB Sata HDD (I don't want RAID)

As I said above, my PSU needs replacing, and I am not as happy as I would like to be with my sound card... or maybe I should buy an iPod video?

Any ideas? :D
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  1. A8V-E ain't exactly an overclocking mobo. It may be your limiting factor. The best s939 overclocker would be DFI LAN-PARTY ULTRA-D. The other good overclockers are s939 nforce-4 flagship mobos from each major manufacturer.

    You could just get a nf4 mobo & o/c this mofo to the max. If I'm not mistaken, the Opty is dual core. Oh yeah, get a known good aftermarket hsf such as Zalman, Thermalright, etc. & maybe a new case with 120mm intake & exhaust.

    What's wrong with the psu?
  2. I have to admit that I am not looking for a new Mobo...but thanks for the suggestion. I am not too interested in overclocking beyond 2.2 Ghz.

    As for the PSU, there must be something wrong.
    Everytime I unplug the power cord from the wall, I have to plug it in and NOT turn on the PC for half an hour. Otherwise it does not start AT ALL.

    Click, nothing. Click click click, nothing. I have moved the PC (as far as another province) and the same thing happened. This started when I got a new BFG 7900 GT OC...but the same happens with my old 6600 in it....

    Anyway, I am selling my BFG 7900 GT OC on ebay...i am know as bornking2 on ebay, my first sale...yay.

    Perhaps I will get an 8800 GTS 320MB? Is is worth it?
    I can also grab a new PSU (700W), and maybe even a XFi.

  3. Def. something wrong with the psu. RMA it if you can & sell it.

    For 8800gts, a power supply of 425W & 28A combined is required. How about an OCZ Gamestream 600W? Or any of these:

  4. That would be great...but I got the silent treatment from Antec.

    I wonder if there are any other wise people with good advice.
    I am thinking a
    Seasonic S12 650W SLI/CF SSI ATX Power Supply @ $159.99
    and a BFG 8800 GTS 320 @ $400
    (Prices are CDN)

    Are there any $800 32" monitors? I can keep the 7900 and get a Hugh Jass
  5. Congratz on the tax return :) U didnt say what OS u were using b-king?

    which one?

    win 95?
    win 98?
    win 98se?
    win ME?
    win 2k?
    win NT?
    Win xp home?
    win xp pro?

    and whats the capacity of ur current hard drive?

    after responding to this then i can get a better idea on a few more upgrades for u.
  6. XP Pro.
    I do not trust Vista yet. Maybe in a year, or when a decent DX10 game comes out.
  7. Any other ideas?
    Maybe an X-fi? is it worth the $130+ ?
    I could always upgrade the whole shebang, and sell the old PC.

    What can I get for the old girl?

  8. Mind if I ask what you don't like about the Audigy 2? The X-FI's are nice, to be sure, but unless you have a set of speakers to match, and are big into audio in some way, I don't know if you're going to notice the difference. I have the exact same speakers hooked up to my Audigy 2 ZS and they sound as good as I imagine they will on an X-FI.
  9. The Audigy 2 is a great card in general...no major complaints other than
    some issues with clean installs of windows.
    I don't like using the original disc and the original (outdated) drivers...and the creative website's drivers often do not work properly.

    I have to say that my Audigy 2 is not a ZS model...in fact it is just called Audigy 2.

    As for XFi I have to disagree. I heard both Audigy 2 and an XFi on my friends Logitech 5300e, and my cousins 5500 (wow), and there is a significant difference with music.

    Although I am now leaning away from the sound card update.
    My video card is at ~$130US on eBay now, I hope it goes as high as some of the 'Buy it Now' prices I have seen...(eg. BFG 7600 @ $400!!!)

    Anyway thanks for the insight, you are right about the audigy 2...for my budget, and speakers.

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