Really strange bandwidth problem....

Here's my story, since 2004 i've had cable net at hooked up to my gaming pc at my place and have loved it. I hook directly up to the modem cause i notice, crazy though i may be, even the slightest drop in speed when playing a game. the speed has been great up to this last month.

One day my cable goes out for about and hour and then comes back. So since then for the past month my net has been dragging down between about 7 and midnight. I figure it's gotta be something with the cable company. i have them out here 3 times and the last time the guy tested it and said it's fine and the problem must be with my computer. I can't see how that's possible. But I grab a laptop from work and do some tests.

I plug in the router then plug both comps into the router and test the speeds. When they are plugged into the router they both get the same crawling speeds, but jack directly into the modem and the laptop is faster. When plugged directly into the modem, I tested the laptop and the desktop one after the other switching out which one was plugged in. When I did this the laptop was getting great speed while my desktop was crawling. Great speed equals 6mb down and crawling equals 500 kbps down. So now I'm really angry cause it looks like the cable guy was right. But what could possibly be wrong with my computer. I cannot figure out what is going on.

I have formatted my desktop twice and it hasn't changed anything. I can't see how the hardware is messing up. It literally acts like something is sucking up the bandwidth at a peak time because the slowdown only happens between 7 and midnight and it's not consistent. It can't be software cause i've already formatted twice. If something was wired wrong, wouldn't it work poorly all the time??

Please someone help me cause I am a total loss. I cannot figure out what is going on or why. The time of day it happens is consistently between 7 and midnight, but only for the desktop or when both are plugged into the router. It's driving me insane.

Please help me with this most bizzarre situation!!!!!!

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  1. Yes software is possible, I would get calls like this all the time from parents and yes things like a virus ( maybe from backed up data you reinstall after a format). The other good one is any file sharing program Kazaa and so on. I would know this because I would be pinging the modem and the pings would be around 1000ms very high, then I would tell the customer to restart the pc for me, as soon as the PC would shut down the pings would drop to 32ms because they has what ever software eating all of there bandwidth.

    Could the NIC be a issue yes but very very slim. I have seen where a cat had chewed on a ethernet cable and and it effected the speeds yes, I have even seen a ethernet cable under a table leg (smashed) and yes this also effected speeds.

    I am assuming that you are using a ethernet connection to the router with the PC and laptop and that there the same cable to the modem?

    Does the laptop still have good speeds through the router and directly to the modem?

    What software differences are there between the laptop and PC ( file sharing, firewall)?

    What kind of modem do you have and model number?

    The times that your talking about are in PEAK times that people are surfing. The cable internet connection is a shared connection with all of the people on your NODE or area.
  2. Are you able to verify that you have a dedicated line to your cable modem? There should be no splitters and the signal should be about -5 db. (please don't quote me as I haven't install broadband in a few years). Your drop or home run maybe going and the cable tech does not want to replace it. All new installs should always get a new drop. I know of a few times the cable company secretly allowed a splitter at the pole or box as there are more customers then outlets. Just a few thoughts, then again maybe the cable company needs to increase your node bandwidth. Keep on them if you know for sure your equipment is not the problem.
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