Help! my computer POSTs but will not boot into windows

I have a strange problem with a new build I recently made for my family. The computer's components are all proven working except for the CPU and Motherboard, which are new (a Pentium D 805 2.66 ghz processor, and an ASUS P5PE-VM motherboard.) when I booted it the first time, it said "CPU uCode error, press F1 to continue, and when I press F1, it would POST, but then when it gets to where the OS should load, it just restarts with the same problem.

I successfully updated the BIOS, and the uCode error went away, but the restarting still persists. I am fairly knowledgeable in the ways of BIOS and custom computers, and I have never seen this problem. any help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Try resetting your CMOS, check your manual for instructions if you don't know how.
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