Mwave vs TD vs Newegg for Mobo

I want to buy an Asus P8P67 and I'm not sure who to buy from. I have only purchased things from Newegg before. I noticed Mwave randomly gives $10 off $100 orders like TD does so I'm counting both of those into the prices for TD and Mwave.

Price at each store (incl. tax and shipping):

Mwave = $155.72
Tigerdirect = $164.90
Newegg = $172.86

I'm mainly concerned about the trustworthiness of Mwave, but I've heard some not nice things about TD, too. I'm a cautious person when buying, so...
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  1. Your credit card will allow a 30 day return at any of those Etailers. Any of them allows a 30 day return for refund or credit. It is ASUS who gives a 3 year warranty no matter what store you buy from. I have bought from all three stores. Trustworthiness regarding what exactly?
  2. Packaging and hassle with returns mainly. Mwave's site is not as professional looking to me, so I just wanted to be sure they're fine.
  3. Yeah, mwave is the cheapest price of those three. I have a brand new ASUS G41 socket 775 MB sitting here I bought recently from Mwave. I plan to assemble it when a good deal comes along on an SSD. Brand new board as advertised. never opened. I have bought many items from mwave without problms. They have especially good deals on printer ink.
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