Image Scaling on a Widescreen with 7600GT

The NVIDIA control panel seems to be pretty worthless here.

The monitor in question is a 22" Acer AL2223W 5ms DVI, 1680x1050 @ 60Hz.
I want to be able to run a game at 1024x768 and have it centered on the screen as opposed to stretched.

The options in the NVIDIA control panel under "Digital Flat Panel Settings" are:
Display adapter scaling
Centered output
Monitor scaling
Fixed aspect ratio scaling

I imagine "Centered output" is what I want, however I cannot choose anything other than Monitor Scaling.

I'm using ForceWare version: 93.71 on a BFG NVIDIA 7600GT.

Any help?
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  1. Well I don't have an answer for ya.. but I got a 23" wide-screen and I'm playing a lot of games stretched out as well.. Best of luck finding an answer
  2. I really don't think there's a fix for this. I found posts on forums from January 2006 that were complaining about this same thing.

    I ordered a $143 X1950Pro off Newegg and will eBay the 7600GT.
  3. I'm not sure thats the answer. I have a 17" dell 1280x1024 Widescreen lcd hdtv, with dvi. I used as my pc monitor through college. (Aside, I jumped on the widescreen thing a bit before it became totally mainstream and have loved it ever since.)

    Whenever non-native resolution came through (ie 1024x768) it would letterbox it, trimming the edges preserving the aspect ratio.

    Now I got a 22" viewsonic and it stretches non-native res to fill the screen. Just like yours. Its my belief its a monitor thing. Maybe play around with the monitor settings?

    Oh yea, this was with x850xt, and previously 9600xt, and previously gf440mx.
  4. I don't have wide screen regularly hooked up, since that is a projector. I vaguely remember having the option on 4:3 resolutions available for output from the Display settings. I did have to change the settings on the projector to keep it from stretching it to wide screen. There might be a monitor setting.

    I had a previous widesceen projector that also had an RGB input. This automatically displayed 4:3 correctly, and IMO converted the the resolution differences better via RGB than if it was the card tried to do those resolutions via DVI, ie any text was much more readable.
  5. Yeah I heard people with widescreen Viewsonic monitors had no issue as they could use the monitor controls to display 1024x768 w/o stretching. I'll check out the Acer controls, but I'm not very hopeful.

    It seems the more expensive widescreens have less issues in this category.
    But at $289 for a 22", you can't go wrong.
  6. I would also give the RGB a try. At 1024 x 768 there is no bandwidth issue, and any D/A-A/D conversion shouldn't really effect it. Even on some lower end LCD monitors (all 4:3) I have seen a better non native image via RGB than with DVI for both Nvidia and ATI cards.
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