DS3, SATA II, bios question

My new build is up and running, but I don't think I have the bios right for the SATA II HD.

Right now I'm settin at:

1. SATA AHCI mode disabled
2. SATA Port 0-3 Native mode disabled
3. Onboard sata/ide device enabled
4. Onboard sata/ide control mode IDE

What are the proper settings? I don't think I'm 100% off, but real close. I also forgot to check to see if there was a 150 jumper on the seagate hd.

I read somewhere that if I enable AHCI, I will need a new driver to support it. What driver and where can I get it? Wouldn't it be on the MS install disk?
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  1. 1. Enable AHCI
    2. Sata Native Mode Enabled
    3. Leave enabled
    4. Leave alone (unless you are using the Blue/Purple Sata II connectors)

    boot from cd rom to set up xp. Press f6 to install Drivers.
    check manual for which 1 you need (i dont remember)
    Setup XP
  2. Thanks weilin. That last statement, setup XP - you talkin bios changes & reboot?
  3. no let me clarify.

    steps 1-4 is in bios. After that its in windows Setup.

    WHen you put in the XP CD Rom, and do the "press any key to boot from CD ROM..." you will be greeted with a blue screen.

    Somewhere on the bottom on the screen will have hte words "press f6 to setup RAID or SCSI drivers" or something like that... Press F6.

    After Setup loads a few things it will give u a prompt to insert the floppy disk to load the drivers for NCQ and Hotswap Capabilities (the only real difference between SATA I and SATA II)

    Insert floppy, find select the proper driver (i dont know the right 1 off the top of my head)

    Continue setup like any other installation. (pick hard drive, format, install etc).
  4. Thats what I was afraid you meant. I really don't want to reinstall windows and start over. If that's what it takes, I guess I'll byte the bullet.
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