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I just wanted to inform others that I have encountered a problem with Amazon's super saver shipping method that you should be aware of.

I have been using Amazon for several years without much trouble (besides when they advertised one Razer mouse pad and sent me a different one TWICE! and never corrected their webpage selling the item) and 99% of the time I used their super saver shipping method to help save a few $, and my orders all were shipping in a timely manner and within one or two business days.

Until this week I placed an order with super saver shipping, one item, in stock(supposedly), and as we stand it has been four business days without my item shipping.

I have contacted Amazon three times now.

First by phone: I was told the estimated shipping dates(which I already had) and told nothing else could be done.

Second by email: I explained free shipping has never delayed my order before on nor any other popular sites I frequent(I will not name names but it is the most referred electronic site on Tom's Forums and still my favorite company to do business with and I don't see that changing, ever) I was told again the estimated shipping date and the super saver shipping is the cause of the delay and nothing else useful to my issue. WHY? it never was a problem before.

Third by email: I expressed my dissatisfaction and explained I would be using another trusted site for my purchases in the future due to poor customer service reps and the inexcusable slow shipping(free or not) on an in stock item. I have not been contacted on the matter any further.

What really got me was this one liner from the email communication "I'm committed to providing world class customer service", if this is so why do I feel like I should have gone to the for-mentioned trusted site which has never let me down instead of placing my order with
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  1. I just want to let others know I was finally contacted again and was offered two reasonable solutions to the problem. I will post more details on it when I can.
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