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Hi guys

I bought what is necesary for my home wireless network: 2 link nicks 802.11g, 1 link WRT54G router, Ext cable modem

I Already had 2 of the pcs in a wired windows network so i used one of those nics to link the router to the pc.

I plan, if everything works out, on having my basement pc with the cable connection and of course router and my two daughters pcs uptairs all networked and sharing that internet cable connection in the basement.

To start this project, i decided to go one step at a time so as not to get drowned in problems. So i brought one of the pcs from the 2nd floor down to the basement about 12 feet away from the wireless rooter(the basemet pc). These 2 pcs have Win98SE. The upstairs pc is a 400 the basement a 500...i know i know...

I removed the 56k modem from the 400 and added the wireless nic. Everything went fine ...I added the wired nic(10/100) to the 500 (and left the 56k winmodem in it) and configured that nic and all went well. Then i added the router. The installation process for the router asked that i connect to the net and then the process went on with really nothing to configure...but why go on the net to configure a network? the installation process would not go on if i did not connect. Why? The cable modem isn't even in the picture yet...i am just trying to test the wireless network connection first!

Anyway, once that was done and what i consider the win network configured with "windows network" protocol and files sharing added and the drives set to "sharing"...well...no go.

When i click on "neigboor network", it gives me my network name "home" and the pc's own name "500" but will not show the second pc, it's name being "400".

What's wrong?

Also the wireless nic on the 400 never lights up it's ACT. light . Should't that stay on at least?

Please advise me on any further steps i may take to trouble shoot! All advice will be very appreciated.


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  1. From what I read, you have 1 router which is the wireless one. This router in the simplest form should be using DHCP which will hand out an IP to each machine. Your cable connection should hook into this router using the WAN port. From there, you can have your 2 machines hooked up wirelessly and your 2 wired machines hook into your wireless router (assuming it has the capability to be wired). Your router then should be setup with your username and password to connect to your ISP. You can also put your ISP's DNS in your router along with any other information. DSL uses PPPoE generally. Cable and DSL work different, similiar results though.
    Each PC should have TCP/IP installed with DHCP and DNS obtained automatically. File and Printer sharing can be installed and enabled. Client for Microsoft Networks should also be installed. Make sure each machine is on the same Workgroup (default: Workgroup or you can change it to Network, etc. but all machines must be on the same workgroup).
    On your router you should see a green status light staying on steady meaning each computer has made a connection to the router. The ACT (Activity) light may blink once in a while, flash rapidly or stay on for long bursts. This is good, meaning data is being transferred either way.

    If you entered your ISP username/information into your router, it then may attempt to look out to the internet to set up its connection to your ISP. That's a possibility.

    At each computer running Win98SE go to Start - Run - type WINIPCONFIG - This will tell the computer's IP. It should be 192.168.1.x for both machines. If you get a 169.192.x.x You're not connecting to your Router, check the router settings/TCP/IP on your computer.
    If you get the 192 number, you should be able to access the internet and the other computers on your network as long as File and Printer Sharing is installed and each machine has it enabled.

    Good luck, any problems post them out there. List each machine's OS and Network connection type (wired/wireless) so things look a little clearer.

  2. After reading your info i thought i would do the usual trouble shooting and uninstall/reinstall. That ACT. light that was dead was a sure sign of something wrong with the pc "400". Once that done, properly i must add, then that pc would read the other in it's network neigborhood. But the one hooked up to the wireless router with the cabled nic, the "500", still would not read the "400".

    So i reconfigured the router. A quick and easy thing but still no go. So then i hit the reset (to factory defaults) button on it and bingo. The pcs started dancing together.

    I tried playing an mp3 with Kaza from with the 500 reading from the 400 with the wireless connection and it was pretty good.

    Now what's left is to setup XP on my daughter's Duron 750 sys and then install a wireless nic there and then setup the cable modem to the router. Umm...what am i going to do with 3 PCI 56k modems?

    Thanks for the input Riser. I might need to come back here.


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  3. your 3 PCI 56k modems aren't worth a penny on second hand, i thin you should keep them as attractive paper weights, or maybe as a back up, just in case your broadband internet fails.
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