Crucial Ballistix voltage question

I've got some Crucial Ballistix 2x512 meg PC3200 they are either 2-2-2-8 or 2-2-2-6 I can't remember. On the crucial website they claim to be 2.8 V which is 0.2 higher than the standard grade.

1. Should I have my BIOS "DDR Reference Voltage" set to 2.8 (default is 2.6)?

2. Will that have any effect on performance?

Secondly, What should my memory frequency better be? Default is 100 % which I'm assuming to mean = to the FSB. What can these "extreme" sticks handle and what what voltage?

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  1. Just set the main DDR voltage to 2.8V.
    As for the capabilities, experiment -- there is no hard and fast info.
  2. Thanks... I called the 800 number before you posted. I'm running @ 2.8V now w/ a FSB of 220 @ 2.5-2-2-6 with no problems. Ballistix rock.
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