My Brand new comp Keeps randomly restarting?

OK Ill start off by listing some specs.

Nothing is overclocked, all stock for now

E6400 Core 2 Duo
Antec smart power 2.0 500 watt
Corsair XMS2 2 x 512 dual channel kit ddr 800
EVGA nvidia 7600GT, 93.71 drivers
Seagate Barrucuda sata 3 gb/s 250 gig
Win XP pro
0401 BIOS
everything is updated

It will crash everytime while running the Ghost recon advanced warfighter game sometimes it will take 5 minutes sometimes 10, but always crashes sooner or later. And sometimes while it is sitting on the desktop and i leave it for a little while and come back the mouse cursor will be froze and not move, but after a few seconds or so of vigorously moving the mouse around it will break free. Also I noticed when i first installed the shipped video card drivers the clock was at 560/700, when i updated from the nvidia site to the 93.71 drivers and installed them it changed to clock to 560/1.4 ghz !!!, this cant be right? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Oh and btw I ram Memtest 86+ for around 4 hours no errors. and nothing is running hot I put a fan on the northbridge heat sink, and put a heatsink on the southbrige. Also have an aftermarket Cpu and heatsink 92 mm thermaltake. Thank u in advance for reading and any suggestions u may have .

Have a great day.
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  1. Could be something's up with your graphics card. Try running Orthos or Prime95 though in case it's your CPU. Can you run 3dmark05? How hot does your graphics card get when its stressed? Does it only crash in Ghost Recon, or is that the only game you've tried?

    About the 1.4GHz thing, graphics cards use DDR. So I assume the old drivers reported the single channel speed while the new ones report dual channel. Nothing's actually changed, though. It's like how you'd use 400 MHz DDR for an 800MHz FSB.
  2. Since your RAM appears fine.. are your CPU/mobo temps good while under load? If that passes, I'd bet on the power supply or videocard being faulty.. do you have a spare power supply you can test with? 500W is more than enough for that system, but it's a possibility that it's not actually maintaining proper voltages under load..
  3. The mouse cursor freezing after you've gone away is probably just one of the power-saving routines.
    Since the computer only crashes under the heaviest load, temps may be an issue. As suggested, run Orthos to see if it's a non-graphics load problem.
    What motherboard do you have? Perhaps your aftermarket CPU cooler is allowing components around the CPU (such as PWM circuitry) to overheat due to a lack of airflow? What are your CPU temps under load/during games? How about GPU temps? System temps? PWM temps?
  4. My MOBO is the ASUS P5N-E 650i SLI

    OK, so I ran Orthos for an hour and 20 minutes and using Probe II to monitor temps and voltages and what not. The CPU temp went back and forth from 42-43 C, The MOBO temp 35- 36 C back and forth. Also I noticed the Vcore reported by Probe II went 1.28, 1.30, 1.31, 1.30, 1.28 over and over never staying the same for over a few seconds is this normal? If so im thinking a video card problem? The temps should be ok? or do you think they are a little High? btw The CPU heatsink and fan is this:Thermaltake CL-P0370 92mm Enter CPU Cooler - Retail
  5. Hm, those temps and vcore are normal. Try downloading and running 3dmark05. If it crashes, there's something up with your graphics card. If it finishes, post your score here in case it shows something peculiar.
  6. Well I ran 3dmark05 but only once was getting tired and quit but the score was 5955. Im gonna install Motherboard monitor 5 today and check mosfet temps. and ill run 3dmark again and ill post results later :)

    I just wanna say thanks alot to all the great people helping me here its very much appreciated.
  7. Well its confirmed its not the Graphics card. I switched the card out with an fx 5200 pci card i had in another pc and ran advanced warfighter, after about 20 minutes pc restarted again. I then installed Stronghold 2 which isnt as intese as warfighter, restart after about 30 minutes. I am now very aggrivated with this thing im litterally pulling out what hair i have lol.
    I dont know what to do next :( Oh and i forgot to mention earlier when it restarts it displays a message saying something about the computer has recovered from a serious problem, thought id mention that may be something important sorry for not stateing that sooner, just got me aggrivated . TY
  8. Also I was wondering about the 3dmark score isnt that a lot bad 5955, for a e6400/p5n-e 650i sli mobo/evga 7600gt 256mb ddr3/2x512 corsair xms2 ddr2 800 ? all stock tho
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