How do the newest revisions of the e6300 overclock?

I was looking at anandtech, and on this Mb review, they overclocked a e6300(not allendale) using a tuniq tower to 3.64 ghz. That pretty good for a hardware website, so I was wondering, do all the newest revisions clock this well.

They were just using PC6400 ram and using 4-3-3-9 at a one to one ratio reaching 520 mhz fsb and same on the memory suggesting that this could have even be memory limited overclock.

So do all the new e6300 overclock this well?
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  1. the cheaper the chip less likely it is, that chip is going to be a good oc-er - your more likely to get a dud since they sort the chips - if all the C2D chips are excellent then you get a great e6300

    they sort gpu's, crapy 8800's are gts good ones are gtx they sort the good gtx chips and the best ones are the oc cards

    they match and sort mem - batch tham at speed and latencys

    if they get a batch of high voltage/slow /hot C2D they make e6300 out of worst ones, not e6400 or e6600

    the fact the e6300 are constantly good overclockers is due to good manufacturing and tight controls resulting in chips with similar performance
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