Need help with formatting the Hard Drive

Control panel > System and Security > Back up and Restore > Create a System Image > "Where do you want to save the back up?"

[ x ] On hard drive: None

[ ] On one or more DVDs : DVD RW Drive

I want to have it backed up on the Hard Drive but how do I get it to work? When I click on "computer" from the start menu it says Hard Disk Drive (1) - Local Disk (C: )

Please help.
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  1. You cannot backup the image of the drive you want to backup on that same drive. That defeats the purpose of backup :non: . You need another hard drive or at least another partition on the same hard drive, but then the backup on a separate partition will not protect data loss from HDD failure so I encourage you to backup on another HDD.
  2. Okay then, I'll skip back up for now.

    How do I know that my HD is recognized and is usable in my system? I've already downloaded drivers for the MB and GPU, so maybe I'm just overreacting.
  3. Huh? If you already have window installed on you c:, of course your HDD is recognised and working. Or do you have another HDD attached but not showing up?
  4. Or do you want to back up the image of your old computer and restore it on the new one?
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