Help! Overclock E4300 with ECS or S3 motherboard?

I am looking to bump up my cpu just a bit.
I just got the MB+CPU cheap combo at Frys for $160
E4300 and ECS PT890T-A

I have read many post about OC with anthing "BUT" this crappy board.

Here is my goal..... :arrow:

I would to OC this cpu with the least amount of money $$$ put in.....
I dont' need to OC to 3.8Ghz or 4.3Ghz....i need it to last about 5yr or more
with little or no money put into it.... I am cheap... :wink:


1. Can you OC with this ECS board? or if needed, just buy a better heatsink w/ fan? To what speed is stable and safe?

2. What memory should i use? Am i OK with 5400, 667mhz any brand? or Do i have to get 800mhz?

3. I hope to OC the cpu at a range of 2.2Ghz to <3.0Ghz.? what is the setting? How do i do that? Do I have to change the board? or buy another Heatsink?

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  1. from what i can remember that cheapy ass ECS board has no pcie/pci lock so anything above a 15% overclock would cause instability. So the most you would get to is like 230 FSB or so. With the E4300 you can relatively overclock it on the cheap. The S3 at frys electronics is like 120$ Microcenter(if you have one close to you) has the DS3 for 135.99$ you can always get Frys to pricematch it. Just bumping up the CPU's FSB and vCore should get you to 3GHz relatively easily. Yes your PC2-5400 ram will do fine.
  2. The ram could be and issue since this board most likely lacks dividers or any voltage adjustments. Getting 667mem and setting mem ref[ should at least have that option] to 533 will give you some head room. If you feel lucky you could try a mod bios, Vmod or even a CPU ID pin mod, and really crank it :D
  3. Gigabyte S3, not the DS3, for ~$100 is your best bet for overclocking.
  4. I have gotten my e4300 to run at 2785.9 ghz with this board modified. The fsb is set at 310 mhz x 4 = 1240mhz. This is the highest I have been able to run it stable. I can get it to boot at 2.91ghz but it will not go into Windows. I have pad modded to a higher voltage to just get to were I am now. I am really new to the OC scene. I think I am hitting the wall of this combo now. I know it is just the board limiting this CPU though. Any ideas on pushing this board any higher? Is there anyone that has? So far I hear 2.7ghz is the limit. I managed to squeeze another 85.9mhz out of it but that is it on the stability terms. My temps are really good though so I'm not too worried. I'm on stock cooling. Orthos stress tested with 0 errors. Max temp was 64C. It sits at 32-38C idle. So anyone that can push this board farther, I would greatly appreciate your response. Thank-you! :D :D :D
  5. I've come back to put in a new speed. I have now had it stable since last night. I have it now at 2.8226 ghz on stock air. Odd settings but stable. The front side bus is now recorded at 1254.6 mhz. Settings are shown as 313.7 (cpu-z), actually 314 by the ecs settings. I'm using coretemp to watch the combo. It is sitting at 39C right now. I'm going to run 3-d mark today to see what kind of results I get. :lol: :D
  6. Have you run something like Orthos(mixed, torture-test mode) to see if it really is stable under load?
  7. I just ran it with no conflicts for a bit but I could not run it too long due to some e-bay stuff I had to deal with. I will run it overnight. I just bumped it up again, 2835.1ghz. fsb showing 1260.1 mhz now. Having trouble with my video card. This was a budget pc so I got an ati x300 pos. It keeps posting as a x600 and the ati drivers are sucking. I even tried a better hacked driver and with little change. I went from a ati radeon 1650 pro to this junk. Oh well, it paid for 2gb of ram, the new ati card, and half of the case cost. :? I am going to get a new card and I'll run 3dmark. For now I'm stuck. :roll:
  8. The bump up was unstable. I went back to 2.822.7ghz. , 1254.6 mhz fsb. :?
  9. We'll see your new post soon asking for more help when that ECS MoBo craps out on you.
  10. Don't be so negative. It is definately a budget board. I am getting a lot of bang for the buck. I think if I had a better motherboard, I could go far but, I am out of work. Money is tight and for what I have done so far, I think it is more than I expected. I would buy a ds3 right now, but I have to save up for an upcoming wedding. Who knows, I may find a way to get even higher. I will do my homework. Like I said though, I am really new to all of this. I just started a week ago. A lot of reading has gotten me this far. I would really like to hit 3ghz stable on this board but, I think it is a no go. If I do find a way, it will make a lot of people happy. Sorry for being optimistic, but if it craps out, oh well. I will just get another. Its not a lot of money. :wink:
  11. About the only thing you can do is the pad mod you have already done.
    What memory do you have?
    Have you flashed to the latest bios?
  12. I would have to second the Pin mod. It is a very simple process that will allow you to bring the FSB up to 266 granting you a speed of 2.4Ghz.

    Fully read the post and understand what is required.

    DaSickNinja Pin mod Guide
  13. 8O
  14. I have done the pin mods to get me up as far as I am. I had to even up the voltage to get to where I am now. I just downloaded the bios flash. I am going to try it since I have a rev. 1.0 bios. When I started I could not get into windows with anything over 1200 fsb. I think I will try the flash and get back here. Still for a 1066 fsb board I am already pretty high. I'm just glad this board has overclockers settings. Oh and I have some cheap ddr2 533 ram. I am looking to step up that also but prices have kept me from doing so. I heard that I am not pushing this ram too bad at all though. Like I said I'm new. I have plenty to learn. Be back later, hopefully on this comp, to write back. :roll: :D
  15. Nope bios will not flash, I think it may have been replaced of flashed before I got the board. Oh well. I guess I'm at my limits right now. :)
  16. It sounds like you have reached a wall with your RAM, are you able to adjust ram timings? With Your FSB at 315MHz your memory is running 630MHz, loosening your timings might let you run a little higher.
  17. I think you may be right. I can adjust the settings, and have to no avail. The timings on my board settings will not work. They are too low. My ram is only 533mhz so, I will have to wait a bit to get ocz or equivilent. :?
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