7600gt vs x1650xt AGP

Was pretty much set on getting a Gainward 7600GT Golden-sample AGP card but just noticed the HIS x1650xt AGP.

I have seen loads of benchmarks that say a x1650pro gets beaten by the 7600gt but not seen any benchmarks for a x1650xt. Looking at the hardware specs, The x1650xt looks slightly better because of more shader units etc & there is a 512Mb listed as well.

How do they compare ??? What would you choose given the choice ???? What about power wise because i've only got a 400w PSU ???

Have had ATI cards before at home & work and never really liked the drivers so still really leaning towards the 7600gt.

Any help would be great.

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  1. Go for the X1650XT if it costs the same. It is slightly faster than a 7600GT.
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