Yet another stupid question about fsb

Hello, I appologize for my addition to the sea of newbie questions,

FSB speed,

I bought this memory: kingston 2x1GB 800 DDR2 PC2-6400

and this motherboard:

The Memory Standard for the motherboard is DDR2 800 and the FSB rate is 1066/800MHz at least according to the motherboard specifications.

so shouldn't both the memory and fsb be at 400mhz for optimal performance?

my cpu-z readout shows fsb frequency at around 200mhz while my memory is at 400mhz, is this some JEDEC standard? if I get my FSB:DRAM ratio to 1:1 it brings down the memory frequency. is my motherboard capable of 400mhz fsb?
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  1. If you want to OC your CPU then yes, you can get excellent performance from a 1:1 OC with both the memory and CPU running at 400mhz. However, if you don't want to OC the CPU and leave it at 266mhz, there is a small advantage to having the memory running faster than the CPU. In some cases it is 2% or so faster to use a 4:5 or 2:3 ratio but, there is no huge performance gain in most applications until you increase the CPU speed.
  2. Thank you for the help!

    So it's just a limit imposed by a slower CPU? The motherboard is capable of it but I'm likely to burn out my CPU when OC'ing? Or would I be just as likely to overheat the fsb on the motherboard?

    I know I need arctic and a good heatsink for the cpu and probably something for the fsb as well... I should have gotten a different motherboard as the fsb seems to be quite hot with this model.
  3. Sensible OCing with adequate cooling can shorten the life of your CPU but, it should not be a drastic reduction. I have had a 2.4c CPU running at 3.3 since late 2003. But, in general, cooling is essential to longevity and stability. What CPU do you have?
  4. I have a Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 @ 2.13GHz

    I've read articles saying I can push it pretty far. Plus most people say you'll upgrade before an OC'ed CPU burns out.
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