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Wireless Internet in College Dorm Room

Last response: in Wireless Networking
November 7, 2006 6:37:52 PM

Allright heres the deal: I brought a wireless router to my College Dorm room at Hartwick College and I'm trying to get wireless internet for convience around my room. The problem is that when i contacted Hartwick College's technology service center they would not let me have it in my room. I'm looking for a way to get around their rules and get it anyway. If theres anyone who could help it would be great. Thanks.
November 7, 2006 7:03:31 PM

How badly do you want to complete your education at Hartwick? How tough is it to drag a wire around your room with your laptop?

The reason they do not want your wireless router connected is probably security - they do not have the time or the people to enforce reasonable security on private wireless access points. And, I'd guess you're not interested in even putting security in place... you have in mind an open hot spot so all the nearby rooms can access it, too. If they catch you, they will not like this at all. And, any student with a laptop within range of your router is a possible snitch.

But, if you are bound and determined to do this, it would help to know what the wired network setup is like coming into your room.

And, second, you probably don't want a router - you probably want an access point, so things will be simpler if you put the router into access point mode.
November 7, 2006 9:53:49 PM

Our school allready has a very good security measure in place called Sygate installed on every computer used under our network. With out this program you cannot even access the network. The reason I want the router is to allow multiple users to access the network from my room because we lack enough ports to do this. Many of our classes require group work using the network and sometimes it is just more convienent to hold group meetings in our room. It is quiter and more comfortable then say a library or a classroom. If you know of anything we could do that is contructive I would appreciate it and thanks for your information. All we really want to do is split the internet port in our room to allow more computers to access it easier.
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November 7, 2006 11:35:45 PM

Maybe you could setup a pc to act as a router with the AP for ICS.
November 8, 2006 12:33:56 AM

My only caution to you is in regard to school policy. If they forbid wireless, and you install it anyway, well just understand what you are doing.

There are two ways to do what you want (attach multiple computers in a study session in your room). The first is what I mentioned above - put the router is AP mode. This makes your router into a wireless switch, and it should not confuse the university's LAN by creating a separate sub-network (which a router will do unless you turn off the DHCP and NAT services - which is what putting it in AP mode does).

The other way is to put in an ethernet wired switch, such as this one, which can handle up to 7 computers (leaving one port for connecting to your dorm rooms port). (I'm not recommending this one - I have no experience with it; it is just an example of the kind of device I'm talking about.)

I don't know anything about the security system your school is using, or how they set up your computer. Unless they are doing something to prevent it, either of the above should work.

The wired switch would most likely be faster.
November 8, 2006 2:55:33 PM


The wired switch would most likely be faster.

Ditto. And it would be between slim and none as far as being a possible violation of your school's security policy. A switch just shares the connection in the way that any student in your dorm that is sharing your internet connection could be "violating" your school's policy as much as they would be doing that by dragging a long cord in from another room and getting their internet connection that way.

In other words, since every student in your school already has access and no one can get access without the Sygate software you mentioned, you wouldn't be causing anyone else to gain access to the school's network/internet access.