Would you use a Network Hard drive?

I think this would be useful for business travellers and Colledge students as they could use a normal laptop, and yet have a large amount of storage, 500gigs to 1 terabyte. This storage would be acesseble over the net, and yet the drive would be at your house.

I would answer yes for my own poll. When I go to colledge it would be nice to have so much storage versus the laptop drive, also if I ever travelled for long periods of time I would have all my files at hand.
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  1. Not sure what you mean

    1) A standalone storage device that connects to your home network.
    2) A standalone storage device that connects to your home network featureing built in VPN.
    3) A PC sharing a hardrive over a network supporting VPN

    Personally I don't mess with standalone external storage.

    I always have one PC sharing a largish RAID 1 array on 24x7 with VNC running. I could connect remotely via VNC and setup a VPN but I prefer to just use FTP.

    The only time I find VPN useful is for playing old games that only work via a LAN.

    If I wanted to stream multimedia via the internet I would use Orb's MyCasting.

    With UltraVNC running I could install it remotely on my home PC.

    In practice I just pop whatever I want onto an external hard drive.
  2. As Codesmith mentioned, just set up an FTP server.

    That's what I do.
  3. Buy the Linksys NSLU2 and connect a few HD's and share it on the network. This way you can share it locally or over the internet and not have to have a computer up and running 24/7
  4. Sorry, but what is VPN? I don't know all that much about networking in general.

    TG daily I think ran an article on the hard drive I am talking about just yesterday.

    Oh and for your question all I know is that it is not number three.
  5. Virtual private network i believe. Like a local network but through the internet, that isnt open to everyone on the net. you can use it to make your router give someone you know a local ip address so you can play lan games and the like, and as far as i can tell anything they do online appears to websites and the like as if it came from your address, because they (your friend or whoever) are connecting to the internet through your router, and to your router through their internet connection.
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