Freeze/Restart during Graphic-Intensive Applications

Hey guys, about a month ago I started noticing frequent locks-ups/freezing/restarting/BSOD when my pc runs any game, plays HD vids, and anything that requires the Graphic card to do some work. Sometimes the USB ports just suddenly drop out and stop working.

It only happens when I use something that the FX card needs to run on heavily. If im just browsing the net or working in a document, nothing happens.

I see it most when i open "World of Warcraft" for example, its on the highest settings etc, at a random time between 5-60 minutes it will freeze/restart/BSOD. Sometimes i get lucky, but most of the time i will have to hard reboot cuz of a lock-up of the keyboard or mouse.

I dont think its a heating problem because i just removed all the dust and such from my PC about 2 weeks ago, and temp's of the processors look ok.

I noticed something else, if i touch the case of my PC at specific spots, i get a bit of a shock from the electricity, i dont know if that has anything to do with it, but it could be PSU related? Im not so sure. Just giving u all the details.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Thanks for the reply however I highly doubt a virus would cause such drastic hardware problems. Well either way I dont have a virus's but i will try the registry cleaner.
  2. I tried doing what u suggested unfortunately nothing has changed. the problem is still there....:(
  3. I tried doing what u suggested unfortunately nothing has changed. the problem is still there....:(
  4. Can anyone help at all? Ive been researching and ive run the suggested steps yet there are no solutions.

    I was just playing WoW and 20 min into the game my keyboard dropped out, then my modem, had to force a hard reboot.

    HELP! :sweat:
  5. Ok I've narrowed it down to two possibilities. Either overheating is causing the pc to malfunction or the PSU is dying and causing the USB's to drop out during games.

    Thing is I've cleaned my pc from dust and the temperatures seem to be fine so I think it's the PSU.

    Any expert opinions?
  6. Dont the fact that USB drop outs occur prior to crashing mean its a power issue?
  7. I cleaned the registry in Safe Mode with 2 different programs. Still nothing. Getting the same problem.
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