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Graphics card doesnt work with drivers. Thoughts please.

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
February 22, 2007 2:01:33 AM

I'm guessing my graphics card has gone bad but i've not been able to find any other similar problems on tinternet, save one forum post thrown up by google which of course was has no solution :roll:

All was working fine playing a game, when suddenly the screen cut out, so i restart, and all is fine until the blue windoze logon screen which is now horrendously garbled and hard to recognise (now impossible to recognise).

I booted into safe mode, which works fine, removed all nvidia stuff, went through with drivercleaner, and restarted windows. windows would then load, and "works" so long as i dont have the graphics drivers installed. it cuts out as soon as i try to install them. Trouble is it's not really usable because windows is so painfully slow without the drivers. Just scrolling a page becomes such an effort as it refreshes each little 3-line scroll and i cant even play chess without the supid drivers cos it wont load! :( 

I dont really know enough about the workings of a computer to know if this is definitely the card, or if it could be some windoze corruption causing the problem. maybe a graphics core or memory problem wouldnt show up without drivers or maybe my card is definitely ok since it's working without the drivers - i dont know, though i suspect the former.

Anyway, the card is a leadtek 6800gt long since past their measley 1yr warranty, i've tried installing various drivers all of which it's worked with before, and it had been working for ages since i last messed about with anything on the computer. heat shouldnt be an issue since i dont o/c and it is *supposed* to tell me if it gets even slightly hot.
motherboard - msi kt4av,
athlonxp 3000+
levicom 550w psu

I've blown loads of dust out (mostly from the filter on the card), reseated the card, tried an old mx440 which i couldnt get a signal from for some reason even though it works fine in another computer and was my card before. I also put my card in another computer but it let out a continuous high pitched sound (some little on-board alarm or something) and i cant find out what it means so i havent followed that line any further.

Any ideas appreciated
February 22, 2007 2:56:12 AM

Sounds like its the card not the drivers, im sorry man but your cards have to to that great computer bin in the sky along with windows NT.
If the game just stopped mid play and reinstalling the drivers didnt work its the fault of your card alone.... seeing as your only using "VERY old" cards i would think they wouldn't work =/

I suggest you start looking for a replacement seeing as now there tons of choices for AGP buyers. Take a look whats in your price range and buy it.
Take a look at the recent AGP articles done by THG and check whats good.
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February 22, 2007 9:24:15 PM

Excellent card hope your happy, should kick the pants off your old 6800.
February 22, 2007 11:21:00 PM

haha, yeah it would, mistaken identity though i think. right now my old mx440 with a broken fan kicks the pants off my 6800 but i gave it to my parents to replace their mx440 with gooey capacitors! I just cant justify upgrading an agp card for so much money (computer parts are soo much money in the uk compared to the us) when there arent really any great games around atm, and i really dont like the idea of buying a crappy card either, though i might have to, just to run windows properly. I was planning on running this system right up until i couldnt run games at 1280x1024 properly maybe in another year, then doing the whole lot since pcie cards are so much better value. Trouble is even the 6600gt, which is so much worse than what i had and already fails on the 12x10 criteria and is i think >£100 and above anything i can afford atm. I'll look on the bright side and say i'll get c&c3 after all the bugs have been ironed out and i can afford a new computer. :wink:

Thanks for the replies anyway; i didnt like not having at least one other opinion on if it was the card and possibly then having a perfectly good card lying around and using some crummy one instead. btw, any idea what the best ultra-cheap cards are atm? maybe like the 6200 but a bit newer/better. something that can scroll web pages quickly (but isnt so bad it's immoral like those turbocache things) so i can more easily look for a job to get me some money to buy a better card :) . Makes me wish i'd bought a motherboard with onboard graphics just in case, since i think that hardly adds anything to the price of a motherboard.
February 24, 2007 1:01:15 AM

Well if you want something cheap i yet is good card i suggest you look at the X1300XT/PRO, even beats the X1600PRO in some tests
February 24, 2007 1:57:55 AM

Sounds like something else, if neither card works. Probably your mobo. BTW a 7600GT isn't that much better than your 6800GT (definitely won't "kick the pants off it"), so I wouldn't invest in a new card until you find the root of the problem.
a b U Graphics card
February 24, 2007 3:18:41 AM

I agree with KaoToa, you need to be sure that card doesn't work. Do you have access to another AGP system (a known working one)? If you do, try the 6800GT in it. Maybe something in Windows associated with the graphics stack is corrupted. Try looking under Device Manager, in System Devices and make sure you have an AGP controller entry, and there isn't an exclamation mark beside it.

First I would identify whether that card doesn't work, take it to another system.

As for a 7600GT smoking a 6800GT, nope. I have both cards and the 7600GT "maybe" marginally faster, but should draw less power. Not really an upgrade in my opinion. If you really wanted an upgrade, the X1950Pro would provide a noticable difference. The last comment isn't directed to steve, since he has stated that he isn't really interested in spending money on a new AGP card. Hopefully we can get you sorted without needing to replace the card.