DS3 Fan Speed control utility

Hello. Up until now i had disabled the bios fan control utility but now i want my pc to be more quiet so i enabled it. Now i'm wondering if my idle/load temps are acceptable for long term use. Also i usually let my pc run 24/7.

My system:
E6300 @ 3ghz
Gigabyte DS3
2gig PC-7200 ram
Arctic freezer 7 Pro
Enermax Phoenix case
Enermax liberty 500w
winxp pro

Here's screenshots for both idle and load information.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Tronix what's your take on this :?:
  2. Could you also just write down what the temps are, rather than making someone go to another site and downloading a picture just to see what they are? :)
  3. I'd say they're fine(temps).
  4. As a datapoint:

    I have the same board (DS3) , CPU (E6300) and same overclock (3Ghz).

    According to coretemp, TAT, my CPU cores are about 6C cooler than yours under load. (49C vs 55C). You have and Arctic Cooling Freezer and I have a Cooler Master Hyper T. From the reviews, I would have expeced the AC to do better than the CM.

    My Hyper T runs at 1100rpm under load. speedfan says your AC cooler is running at a fan speed of 32143 ? That doesn't look correct.
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