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I am looking to put together a new system, i would like to build something that could perhaps be upgraded in 1 1/2 - 2 yrs once multi threaded apps have really hit the market. My idea is to go with a c2d for the time being and then hopefully upgrade to a multithreaded processor when they become more available. My question is: which chipset should i be looking at? I have read that the 680i is most likely going to be compatible with Penryn which is what i'm guesing I would be upgrading too. Is this true? How will the 975 and 965 chipsets fair? Which would be the best to go with in regard to future compatibility? Also, is it smart to go with c2d for now and upgrade later or just put the $530 for the q6600 (hopefully after price drops in april). I just don't see the benefit in having 4 cores for the time being. I use my system primarily for gaming but also do a little graphics rendering.
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  1. c2d is already multithreaded. Better word is multi-core. In fact, it's dual core. If you're talking about quad-core, there's a few choices. Best wait for c2d price drops & you'll save as much as hundreds on a QX chip.

    680i still has bugs. 975 & 965 would be the most stable intel chipsets. Any of them support quad. Check the mobo sites for details.
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