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Hi all,

I am new to this forum so forgive me it this question has been asked before.
I am currently looking for a router that has a specific set of features. Specifically I need a router that has a WAN port, LAN Port, VPN PPtp Endpoint and a serial Port or built in 56k modem. I was wondering if there was a chart that I could access someplace that showed many different routers and brands and their features. This is not the first time that I was in need of a specific router feature set. And the last time it was extreemly time consuming to find one that had the features to meet my needs on that installation.

I will greatly appriciate all input.

Reverend Richard Eue
Honey Ridge
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  1. You might check here.
  2. Thanks IceBlue,

    I went to that site and they indeed had feature set comparissons but I noticed that the last updated router was in 2002. It's not quite what I had in mind but thanks for the idea.

  3. Sorry... I didn't check the details.
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