Problem with I/O Controller

Here's the whole story:
I had my laptop HDD replaced due to a bad sector. After the HDD was replaced, some of the built-in hardware peripherals were suddenly downgraded. To mention a few, my USB 2.0 ports were downgraded to USB 1.1 ports; my screen lid button didn't work anymore; modem speed was downgraded from a 56K to a 33.6K; my DVD-RW drive setting of Ultra DMA-2 mode was downgraded to a PIO mode; my speaker's left channel is not working when the screen is open but works when the screen is closed. Then I ran the Intel Chipset Identification Utility and had the ff. results:

Detected Chipset: Mobile Intel(R) 82915GM/GMS/910GML Express Chipset family

Memory Controller: Mobile 82915GM/GMS/82910GML
I/O Controller: Failed to identify your ICH

I was suspecting that the I/O controller might have suffered a static discharge during the time my HDD was replaced and given that the chipset identification utility wasn't able to identify the I/O controller.
But surprisingly, all the peripherals mentioned above registered w/o errors on the Windows Device Manager and were updated to their latest driver versions.

Was my suspicion right about the static discharge or just a case of device driver mismatch? Though I used the recovery CD to bring things back to normal. Are there any workarounds to bring them back to their optimum settings?
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  1. HI, i've got exactly the same laoptop and the same problem. it is very annoying to have only USB 2.0, if you find any solution PLEASE let me know!!

    I have tried everything, deleted ALL chipset and USB drivers (also invisible ones), switched the option "legacy USB" in the BIOS(the only one that is related to USB) on and off, i've even done a full windows xp repair installation and put all new drivers back on (chipset drivers from Intel website) no change: still, e.g., no enhanced USB driver found.
    i've been dealing with this s**t for several days now and i'm really unhappy that I can't find a solution.

    the problem with the speaker was a hardware fault in my laptop and is independent of the rest. I had to open the laptop and found, that one cable that comes from the soundcard and goes to the right speaker was broken, exactly where it passes to the TFT screen and is bent all the time --> bad construction this. I had to replace it with a new cable (it was a horrible day, soldering on my own laptop :-O )

    best regards
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