How can I report a bad vendor ?

I have been swindled by an online shop of laptop computer parts.

The GPU of my Asus laptop burnt so I had to replace the motherboard.
I contacted the asus customer support but the guarentee period had expired and they had run out of replacement part for my model.
I contacted several asus resellers but they had run out of stock too.
When I made a web search I found only one shop that had the motherboard in stock but it was located in China.

The web site of the shop looked very professional.
I made some searches on the shop but I could find no customer review neither good nor bad.
I contacted the shop and the manager looked very skilled and attentionate.

So I made the payment ($200) and 10 days latter I effectively received the motherboard.
I was disappointed by what I received.
I thought I was buying a new motherboard but I got a refurbished one (there was scratches all other the motherboard and the original stickers had been ripped).
Moreover it was defective.

I contacted the shop and asked for an exchange or a refund.

First they told me I was responsible for the motherboard not functioning and gave me some weird advices to fix it.
Then, when it became obvious none of there "fixes" was working, they stopped answering my mails.

I know I won't have my money back from a chinese crookster but I'd like to report that shop as a bad vendor by any possible mean to prevent other potential customers to make the same mistake as I did.

I have not mentioned the name nor the web address of the shop because I think it could increase the page rank of the shop in search engines.

I am considering dedicating a web page on my website to tell my story.
I hope that people who hesitate to buy at that shop will search some review or advice about it and I hope they will find my review.
How can I give some advice about that shop whithout making the page rank of it increase ?

Any advice would be welcome !
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  1. Most forum members buy from U.S. based retailers. Warning forum members not to buy from a no name company based in China is useless information. Try finding a local shop that specializes in notebook repair. When a MB goes bad the unit pretty much becomes a throw awy. A new notebook with an abundance of features is cheap. Especially considring putting up $200 to repair an old unit.
  2. Telling your story and providing reviews is about all you can do when it comes to an international seller, especially one in China. The more people you let know, the more people will not buy from them in the future.
  3. To badge : The problem is that the motherboard was no longer available in any US based retailer.
    The laptop was "only" two years old and its T9300 CPU was still faster than some average Core I5 M.
    If I had repaired it I would have obtained a laptop that was worth at least $600.

    Shop around.

    Note. A fiend who worked as a bench tech at fry's will not replace MB's much less take in major repair jobs regarding notebooks. He refers all his notebook work to a local shop that specializes in laptop repair. They are way too expensive. I've found it better the hard way to buy a new unit and not pay hundreds of dollar for repairs.
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