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Recently built my first computer, runs fine. But little concerned about the temperature of it.

Idle it runs about 47C
Under load about 55C

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965P-S3

CPU: Intel Pentium D 805


Main reason I'm asking is because it was my first build. I could have screwed something up. I did read something concerning the bios with that motherboard and fan control. Switched it to Smart Control method to 'Legacy mode' and have smart control mode on 'Auto'.

All the reviews I read with that CPU Fan, talks about temps around 30C-40C. I did not use thermal paste (just the bit that came on the artic cooler), could that be it? Or are these temps normal
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  1. Take the heatsink off and clean it with alcohol. I like Arctic Ceramique as a good paste. It is not conductive and performs well. Make sure to only use a small amount and spread it out so that it ends up to be a very thin layer.
  2. Don't do that unless you want extra work. The temps are fine. Does it run stable? It is a P4 Dual so you can expect it to run warm. I'll be the counter point on this forum...who the hell needs their cpus to run at 30C when they are not overclocking. It does NOTHING to help you except a bunch more fan noise. If the computer runs stable and does not throttle, then your temperatures are fine. Stop obsessing over it please TG! It makes me cringe everytime I see the forums. This advice comes from people who know nothing about how computers really work.

    Here is the answer...

    Very low temps in the 30s and 40s only helps people who are trying to reach the best possible overclocks for benchmarking. Even on moderate to high overclocks, the temp does not matter as long as the cpu is under 60C. If your computer is not stable because the temp rises over 45C, than you are in for a crappy unstable computing experience. Cpus are designed to run at 55-70C depending on the model.
  3. Your temps are fine for the 805. Remember that is uses almost 50 percent more power than a Core 2 Duo, so you won't get the same temps some others get. Below is a link to a review of the 805 with temps close to your.
  4. Thanks guys, that's all I needed to know. System is very stable, so guess I was being paranoid heh
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