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Question. I purchased the Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $40(retail box from Microcenter) a month or so back. Anyway, as Christmas is coming, I know I'm getting a new 7850, but I've also bought a new motherboard. I think possibly I might have a new processor and ram in the works. My system is fast, but my system I'm running now is at the point if I want to upgrade much more, I need a new board, ram, etc.

Of course as we all know, a new processor and board would throw a flag to Microsoft because they would see my Windows 8 License as being used on my current machine. Am I allowed to transfer that license to my new machine? As my hard drives, dvd burner, case, power supply will probably get re-used and my old components likely will be sold on ebay to make money back and maybe buy a few games, so the old system will exist, but in pieces which will likely never see one another again lol, and this copy of Windows 8 would no longer be installed.
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  1. Possible u can transfer the key to u r new system then make windows activated.register the new system in microsoft website.
  2. Ok, count this as solved. I got impatient and went and chatted with a Microsoft rep online at support.microsoft.com

    The rep told me that as long as you uninstall Windows 8 from the old machine, you are allowed to put it on a new machine. Basically as long as it's only being used on 1 machine at a time, it should be good.
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