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Here is my problem, I have a Dlink DI-524 wifi router and my grandma had the exact same model except for that when I installed hers at her house (I'm the family computer guy) it worked out of the box and setting up security was easy as pie. Now at my house mine worked at the default settings as soon as I enabled security it was messing up at every turn I did the wizard on my router same as my grandmas except it didn't automatically enable wep even when I selected enabled and gave it a key to use and then it still wouldn't work even after I set the wireless menu security to enabled as well :?. I did get it working at the defaults for now and I'm going to try security again but I just want to find out some other opinions on this one cause I'm stumped. I've installed several of this model router and they always worked flawless before this now my trust in dlink products is shaken when I don't think it should be. I thought I'd turn to the website and the community I trust most to help me with this.

Thanks in advance guys,

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  1. The best way to do security keys is to copy & paste, if the keys are long or random generated. I always use the max allowed. I hope you are using WPA and not wep.
  2. figured it out lol stupid me I forgot that when I did it at my grandmas I was hard wired in lol stupid me :roll: and yes I am using WPA
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