Weird startup problems sometimes (maybe overclock related)

Sometimes when I start my computer up it will just freeze or hang at places:

1) freeze at Asus motherboard screen
2) go through first startup screens, turn black and hang there

I recently overclocked my E6400 to 3.1 GHz with 388 MHz FSB, 8 multiplier, 1.35V vcore, 1.4V FSB - i dunno if that would have anything to do with it because I've had a few random startup issues like this before. Any ideas? Thanks!

computer specs:

Asus p5b-e
Intel E6400
nVidia 8800GTX
2GB G.skill memory
creative x-fi gamer
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  1. It might not be related to ocing at all.

    Did you check your oc for stability with prime95 ??

    Maybe a bios update?
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