Geforce 8900GTX and 8950GX2 details listed

HI guys.

Surfing the web today I found out this info.

It seems that Nvidia has been hiding some info about the new 8900GTX and the 8950 GX2.

Here are some details.

The Geforce 8950 GX2 is a dual-chip card based on a new 80 nanometre G80 chip, probably codenamed something else. Both GX2 GPUs are clocked at 550MHz and the difference is GDDR4. The card comes with 2x512MB of 256-bit GDDR4 memory clocked at 2000MHz. The card has 96 Shaders, per chip. It will be priced at $600.

The second in Nvidia's spring line-up is the Geforce 8900 GTX clocked at 700MHz GPU and 2200MHz memory. The chip still has a 384-bit memory interface and comes with 768MB of memory. The card uses a new 80 nanometre chip and has 128 Shaders. Compared to the Radeon X2800XTX it will end up shorter on clock and memory interface.

The Geforce 8900 GTX is priced at $550.

Meanwhile, the Geforce 8900 GTS is a new card clocked at 600MHz GPU with 2000MHz GDDR4 memory. It supports the 320-bit memory controller and comes with 640Mb of memory. This card should cost $500 and it is using the 80 nanometre chip. This card will still have 128 Shader units.

The current king of the crop, the 8800 GTX will drop in price to $450, while the Geforce 8800 GTS loaded with 640MB of memory stays up in the $400 price range.

Nvidia has two more 80 nanometre cards. The Geforce 8900GT with 600MHz core and with a 256-bit memory interface comes with 512MB of 1800MHz GDDR3 memory. It has 96 Shaders and is built on a 80 nanometre process and will cost $400.

The 8900 GS will be the cheapest G80-based card. The 80 nanometre based beast is clocked at 550MHz core and 1600MHZ memory. The card has the 256-bit memory controller and comes with 256 or 512MB of GDDR3 memory. It also has 96 Shaders. The 256MB version will cost $200 while 512MB incarnation will end up at around the $250 price mark.

There you go, those are the news for this week. I hope you like'em


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  1. How does the above happen if nV isn't going to 80nm?

    So not news more like Spews of the Weak,.. errr..... Week.
  2. Old Inquirer news, but good find :)

    I'm really hope they release an 8950GX2 :D :drooooools:
  3. Yeah, well I know that they are old news, but I think everybody in this Forum should know about this info!!!



  4. has anyone got a release date for these cards?
  5. I would say the same date as the R600 8)
  6. im looking at buying an 8800 soon as i have a huge lan in april with people from all around my country, im wondering if i should wait and save a bit of cash though.
  7. Quote:
    I would say the same date as the R600 8)

    So we'll only ever hear about Delays about it? :P

    I haden't heard about this before
  8. Does anybody have a good estimate of when they'll be comming out?
  9. So do you have do have an sli mobo to run a single graphics card with dual GPUs? I sure as hell hope not. Cause I don't need two cards, but sure want to run the best card that Nvidia puts out when crysis comes a calling.
  10. Hotstepper, you're talking about I30 at Newbury?

    Share your thoughts; want a new card myself for the LAN, but the 8800 GTX seems like quite an old card to buy now. 4 months+ after release is a bit late to be buying the best GPU out there....inevitably we're only 2 months from something bigger and better. Best to jump on the bandwagon before it has picked up pace :)
  11. Links?


    Your dickless personality
  12. Care to cite your sources?
  13. im from australia mate, the lan im talking about is held over anzac weekend and nick named lanzac.

    personally i think whilst the card is getting a little old, it will still out perform most of the cards being used by people at the moment. so personally ive made my decision, just hoping to get it for a little cheaper :wink:
  14. I want to play.

    x2800xtx $100
    x2900xt $125
    x2900xtx $200
    x2950xtxtxtxtxtxtxtxtxt $400
  15. ah ok, for a second it sounded like we may bump into each other!
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