2006 Networking Holiday Buyer's Guide

Your network has been very good this year, so why not reward it with a shiny new toy? Our Networking Holiday Buyer's Guide will guide you to the goodies and keep you away from the lumps of coal.
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  1. I´m almost ashamed to ask, but... what happend to the elf? :?
  2. I was wondering that myself, especially after reading the hostile exchange in the previous thread for the Part 1 of the series.

    That's unfortunate they decided to change it...
  3. Yeah, it would be nice to have Sarah back.
  4. Quote:
    I´m almost ashamed to ask, but... what happend to the elf? :?

    There's no secret plot afoot here.

    This year the Holiday Guide is a series of separate articles prepared by different editors. Sarah was not available for my article.
  5. I can tell you were waiting for that question. :) Still, great article, it provided a nice synopsis of the recommended gear I have been sporadically reading about over the last months, and direct links to those articles so we do not have to search around.

    This might be a good idea to run semi-annually or something, just a synopsis of recommended networking gear which got positive reviews every few months or something like that. That way if we miss articles or forget about something we are seeking later, we have a nice reference point for good choices. I find these kinds of articles and performance graphs, etc have helped me a great deal to make good purchasing decisions and always be satisfied with results.
  6. Thanks for your comments and suggestions, Journeyman. Glad you enjoyed the article.
  7. Thanks for the article :D

    Was just about to do some home networking too,
    and this is going to come in handy when I decide
    which hardware I will use :D

    There's no secret plot afoot here.

    What?! 8O
    Psychologic classical conditioning utilizing negative reinforcement,
    *cough (damn that's too long to be subtle)
    :wink: :lol:
  8. Oh well, it´s quite nice even without all the elfiness. I especially liked the "thumbs down" parts.
  9. Are you guys going to review the Slim Devices Transporter?
  10. I normally dont even post here, but I agree - bring back Elf!!
  11. The elf was very nice, but some of you guys need to get out (a lot) more.
  12. No more elf comments.

    We all want Sarah back, but she is gone now.. We have to face the truth! :cry:

    Oh and BTW, what happened to the Part-1 discussion? Why was it locked?
  13. Good article and thanks for the gift ideas ! :)

    Now i m anxiously awaiting the HP's Media Vault and D-Link's DNS-323 nas reviews :D .
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