Wireless Access Point USR 5451 - Something is not right

I recently purchased a USR5451 Wireless Access Point. Quick Overview:

U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg Access Point (USR5451)
Firmware: (Mar 15 2005)

WEP Open
SSID is assigned and broadcasting
WDS restrictions: Disabled

IP address: static ( for example)


Power Level: 100%
Channel: 11
54g Mode: Automatic (Choices: 802.11G Performance, 802.11b Only )
Check Box - Automatic 54g protection
Supported Rate: Auto
Basic Rate: Default
Acceleration: MAXg (125Mbs)
Beacon Interval: 100
RTS Threshold:2347
Fragmentation Threshold: (Greyed Out) - 2346
DTIM Interval: 3
Preamble: Long

Currently, the IP address is static at None of my wirless clients can connect. When I test my wireless card, I cannot connect either.

It identifies the network and says the signal strength is excellent, as well as the speed, but I cannot connect to network resources and I don't get an IP.

When I disconnect the wireless and reconnect with CAT5, ( the Access Point is 3 feet from me) I can re-connect to the static IP of the Access Point.

I thought that the DHCP server should continue to hand out the IP addresses? Wireless clients are not getting an IP.

I appreciate your assistance in advance.

Thank you
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  1. I have the USR5450 AP, your younger brother with high gain antennas.

    Apparently you firmware is a little different than mine.

    Check Box - Automatic 54g protection
    Is this checked or Not?
    DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS IS, Not in mine. May need to play with it.

    It sounds like you have a static IP for the 5451.

    And DHCP for clients. (Not sure, acts like not)

    Not knowing your full network, a few questions.

    Once it is setup, reboot the unit.

    Have you added any mac filtering to the 5451?

    Try DHCP for the lan connection.

    Mine has a option for the clients to be static or DHCP, recheck yours.

    Mine has been rock solid for 2+ yrs now.
  2. Hi Blue.

    According to tech support, the firmware needs upgraded to support WEP OPEN 128. I am using 64 bit at the moment and all is working fine. Support also recommended that I disable all acceleration as I don't have MAXg cards.

    At least it's functioning properly.

    Thank you for assisting.

    P.S. Automatic 54g is checked
  3. I'm using the 125mbps on my unit, have a matching pcmci card. Works great. I would do the firmware update. Even though they said they only added 128 wep, they usually do bug fixes and cleanups. I have only had one update on mine, and that was to 125 firmware.
  4. Thanks for the reply Blue. The card was one reason I lowered the speed, it's a dell wireless adapter. I plan on updating the firmware also.

    Edit - Firmware is now (Jan 6 2006).

    Thanks again.
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