Should I upgrade from a 7600GT to a x1950pro?

I can sell my 7600GT for about $80-100 and get a sapphire x1950pro for $150 after rebate...

Should I upgrade? Some games are almost twice the performance and some are closer to a 30% performance increase. I mainly play bf2142 and bf2 ONLY at 1280x1024 because I have an LCD... I'm not entirely happy with my frames per second. However, I'm going to be upgrading my x2 3800 to a c2d 4300 and overclocking it to 3ghz.

Should I upgrade this? Worth it for twice the price, possibly twice the performance?
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  1. If you're running at full quality, there is no real reason to upgrade. But if you not, then it's good to upgrade, since the X1950 pro gives such an increase.

  2. Hmm, well I can have most things on high but I have to run without AA and AF for BF2142. However, I'm upgrading my x2 3800 to a c2d 4300 that'll be clocked at 3ghz, so I'm sure this might help the performance a little. I guess I'll wait and see and set up my comp with the 7600gt. If it's good enough I'll wait until dx10 cards are out and splurge on one of them and a new power supply.
  3. wait for the cheaper dx 10 cards to come out ( next month i think ) and see price and how they perform.they way they keep coming out faster, the new $100-120 cards will probably smoke both of them. besides by the time you have your new system together see whats out,ati may have the new card released then
  4. Yeah good call. I'm sure the almost double cpu performance will help gaming as well with the adequate getting by 7600gt... and damn your system must SCREAM... 3.33ghz c2d and 2x 8800gts's... wtfux.
  5. its pretty fast,i had a 4600 x2 system with 8800's and 3d mark 06 went up from 9200 range to 14000 range from the upgrade.what i really notice difference on is video encoding,it flys through making backups of dvd's with dvd shrink and converting them with auto gk for zen vision m. and i can have tons going on and task manager shows cpu not even near 100 %. with the x2 4600 it was at 100%
  6. I went from a 7800gs to an x1950pro. Night and day. However, seeing as the new midrange cards from AMD and Nvidia will be out in may, it might be better to wait. It's ultimately your opinion that matters. A faster cpu will help, but your minimum frame rate wont change for the most part, and thats when most people notice when a game isn't 'smooth'. With my system now, even with my yesteryear ram and budget board I still can push 1280x1024 BF2142 4xaa 16xaf and never go under 45fps. I do run texture quality at medium because of my lack of ram. You wont regret getting an x1950pro, I can tell you that much for sure.
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