Change group canonical name into AD with VBS

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I'm searching to change about 1000 groups name in a O.U. I want to use VBS
to do this task. At this point, I only find how two change samaccountname...
It is a way to change also the Directory group name?

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  1. I am looking for the exact same thing. But I have "only" about 100 global active directory groups with different group names. The names all start with "g-prj-......" but they now need to be "g-prm-prj-.....". Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

    I tried ADModify.exe. Its really easy to do mass changes but not modifications like I need them. Or did I just do it wrong?

    I also heared that it should work farely well with VBScript. But also with the VBScript solution, I do not understand how to accomplish that the script selects only the "g-prj-...." containg groups and modify them to "g-prm-prj-....".

    Hopefully someone can give us some examples or any sort of help.

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